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Now based just outside Canterbury in Kent, John has been a professional photographer for over eighteen years, travelling the world for eleven of them covering the FIA Formula One World Championship.

John was born in Kettering, Northants, and due to his parents’ propensity for frequent relocation during his early years, hit the ground running – a skill that would serve him well in his ultimate profession.

John spent his final school days at five different schools over a period of four years, culminating in him leaving at 16 with no qualifications other than being really good at packing.

A summer in Great Yarmouth washing dishes led to a job as a commis chef for two years until John left to train as a quantity surveyor.

During this time John started to realise how good life looked through his camera lens, and as more and more people saw his photographs, they began to think so too.

John started selling his photographs semi professionally in 1988 which brought him to the attention of the British Touring Car Championship and to clients such as Toyota.

Towards the end of 1991 John took up photography full time, working as a staff photographer with Empics for five years and covered every round of the Formulaone World Championship between 1994 and 2005, which of course took him all over the world working for national newspapers and blue chip sponsors, making use of his early-learnt skill of hitting the ground running with a very well packed bag.

After spending eleven years living out of a suitcase, he gave up traveling and started his wedding and portrait business during 2005. He is a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association and still shoots sports events in the UK on a regular basis.

Relocating from Sittingbourne to Bekesbourne in 2006, for what is hopefully the last time, John now shoots happy people full time and spends any spare time wondering why his eighteen month
old Labrador won’t come when she’s called and if she’ll ever retrieve a rabbit before she’s eaten it…


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