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Organic Sisters are Spilling the Beans

Posted on: August 28th, 2015 by Jules

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Sisters Caroline and Liz Asteraki are on a mission for food to help bring people together – cooking it, eating it, sharing it and talking about it.

“The best conversations I can remember having with my mother and sister were while shelling peas and beans,” said Liz, from Old Wives Lees, Canterbury. “Keeping the hands busy, and having a reason not to make eye contact, is a great way of taking conversation into areas that you would normally skirt around. If you need to have a potentially difficult chat with adolescent children, a pile of beans is a great way to bridge the silences and lubricate the flow.”
While this may be so, the facts are that both cooking from scratch at home and cooking together with children are both on the decline. The generational handing down of cooking skills is disappearing.

That’s where Caroline and Liz step in. The ladies who deliver Riverford Organic veg boxes & pantry produce across Kent want you to share photos and videos of families cooking together – to show the mess, the chat and the fun. It’s all part of the process of sharing the love of cooking.

“Cooking can be an especially good way to spend time with your children; peeling carrots and sautéing onions may be routine for you, but it’s all new to them!” said Caroline.

As an incentive for the truly messiest moments, there’s a chance to win a family holiday plus a weekly recipe box. Simply go to www.riverford.co.uk/cooktogether or look on Twitter for the #cooktogether hashtag to get snapping. Tweet the Organic Sisters @riverford_Kent or call Liz & Caroline to talk through a delivery to home or office 01227-730335 .

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