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Internet Radio is a Whole New World for Listeners

Posted on: June 17th, 2015 by Jules


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Last Wednesday night, just as I was getting into my jim-jams, I had company: America.Or at least some Americans.
I had a call on Skype from “The LinkedIn Lady,” Carol McManus in Manhattan, on the LinkedIn Lady Show.
Fortunately for transatlantic relations it wasn’t a video call and I was able to maintain a professional persona, chatting about my own shows Scoff&Quaff and The Business Bunker, swapping anecdotes on business trends here and in the U.S.
Both the US station and my own are on the Internet – but sitting there in my PJs I’d just leapt light years forward: Internet radio in America has become the mainstream.My husband, Gavin, was on another American Internet show talking about his new book Frontier. It’s called SiriusXM. This is a radio network with 43 million listeners. How do they know it’s that many? Because they’re all paid subscribers, listening from their cars or kitchens. No hiss, no cross-frequencies – just clear reception.So the next time you’re in your car tuning in desperation for variety to Radio Essex, just think – there’s an even wider world available.

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