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2020 Vision

Posted on: May 20th, 2015 by Jules


On the sunniest day of the month so far I found myself interviewing  thousands of visitors to the 2020 Vision event at the Detling showground.

With a name like that, the event was bound to have a futuristic feel to it. In fact, the keynote speaker calls himself a futurist.

Rohit Talwar from Fast Future Research outlined five trends that will have a major impact on business, society and life over the next 10 years:
Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.17.211) National Sovereignty

The map of the globe will chang

e – driven by economic forces.

Many smaller and poorer coun

tries will find it impossible to cope on their own with the accelerating pace of change and the cost of keeping up to speed with a globally connected planet. By 2025, we could see 20-25 country mergers as ‘at-risk’ nati

ons seek to come together to build critical economic strength and attract the investment required to serve their populations and compete in the hyper-connected era.

2) Corporate Giants

50% of the Fortune 500 index of the largest publicly listed companies in 2025 are likely to be firms that were not even born in 2014. We will see an ever-increasing number of so called ‘exponential companies’ that achieve rapid rates of growth by usi

ng science and technology to disrupt old industries and create new ones.

For example, the taxi app Uber didn’t even exist in 2008 and is now valued at over $40 billion, while a number of new technology-based businesses such as AirBnB and Snapchat are already valued at over $10 Billion. Many more mega-growth players will emerge in sectors such as driverless cars, 3D and 4D printing, genetics and web-based applications and services that we can’t even imagine today. Some argue that the notion of public stock markets will have been transformed by more efficient online crowdfunding platforms and the widespread use of digital currencies that effectively create a single global monetary system.

3) Financial Services

By 2025, the financial services la

ndscape will have been transformed by digital currencies like Bitcoin, open markets and a wave of new providers – offering crowd-based solutions for everything from insurance to equity investment and commercial financing. These community platforms will let us lend to and invest in each other – bypassing the existing providers of saving, business investment, loans and personal insurance.


4) Internet of Life

Over the next decade, upwards of 100 billion objects from smartphones to street lamps and our cars will be connected together via a vast ‘internet of everything’.

This will impact every aspect of our lives – for example it could transform the criminal justice system. By 2025, evidence in a court case will include data taken from body-worn cameras and microphones and sensors in everyday objects such as clothing, furniture and even our coffee cups – proving exactly what happened and who was present at the scene of a crime.


5) Human 2.0

Human augmentation will accelerate in the next decade. By 2025 we will be witnessing a new breed of human 2.0 and 3.0 who have “hacked” their own bodies.

Mind-enhancing drugs


re already a reality and we can now have super-smart prosthetic limb replacements that have greater functionality than the ones we were born with. Both fields will continue to progress and we will see genetic treatments to eliminate conditions such as rage and obesity.

All of these enhancements will be monitored and managed 24/7 by a variety of wearable technologies and devices implanted into our bodies. These will help us track every vital sign and link directly to both our own hand held devices and to monitoring services provided by our healthcare providers. 3D printing already allows us to create replacement body parts and the evolution to 4D printing will enable  the manufacture of body parts that can self assemble and adapt their shape and properties over time – giving us limbs that could reinforce themselves as we age.

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