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Huge Pool of Creative Talent to be Found in our Midst

Posted on: April 30th, 2015 by Jules

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 13.44.25My husband, Gavin Serkin, has just published his first book, Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow.

It’s a travelogue-style diary of his journey across four continents with some of the world’s top performing investors. As a journalist by profession, he also probed the darker side of the countries he visited. He encountered violent police corruption in Nigeria, was detained by police for taking a photo of a man lying motionless on the ground by a security checkpoint in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and he witnessed a beheading in the middle of the Saudi capital, Riyadh.


Among the book’s rave reviews, the Financial Times said “Serkin certainly set the standard with Frontier” – a “must read.”


The book – and the praise it received – has opened my eyes to the huge pool of literary and artistic talent in our midst.


Among Whitstable’s eclectic cocktail of artistic events is the WhitLit series of interviews – one featuring the veteran war correspondent Kate Adie. This is a group of incredibly gifted writers, meeting to share their ideas and experiences.


Kate, the BBC’s chief news correspondent for 14 years, was shot twice – once Tiananmen Square in her elbow and once in her collarbone by a Libyan. Her talk ties in with an art exhibition at the Horsebridge by fellow correspondents Triona Holden and Susan Stein looking at women on the frontline – a statement of the feminine response to war.


My introduction to the group came from a friend and fitness instructor, Whitstable’s Ted Bassett-Myers, whose wife, Sue, just happens to also be a burgeoning author. At the Phoenix Tavern in Faversham, the publican doubles as the organizer of the London Press Club. Even the man selling coffee at Whitstable station doubles as a hugely impressive literary agent.


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