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SOS Computing at cutting edge of WiFi projects

Posted on: March 10th, 2015 by Jules

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My lovely 84-year-old mum does her best. But try as she might, she confessed she couldn’t make her nor tail of my recent column on internet domain names.
mum, here I go again…
You see, I had a small problem with my wi-fi and it brought me into contact with the future.
As usual, I called on Billy Dean of SOS Computer.It turns out beyond fixing my little issues, Faversham-based Billy has been busy pulling off one of the most ambitious wi-fi projects.
Stirling University commissioned his company to install a seamless wireless network throughout whole campus, so no matter where a student walks, they wouldn’t lose signal.
The applications go beyond enabling students to stay yapping on Facetime or pulling on Tinder as they walk about, it also allows them to access their work files wherever their lectures are.

Stirling is only the third university in the UK to have the Ekahau Wireless Planning system, the only one of its kind to serve a large scale area like a campus. The software company enables institutions to make a plan of the building, check for interference from electrical points and work out how many access points are needed.

Beyond universities, the applications are endless. A similar job Billy got was for a motel that wanted a constant connection throughout for room services, and for staff to order purchases as needed. For guests, it would allow a Sonos music system in every room, all connected wirelessly.
“It was nice to be involved with something so big and unique,” says Billy. “It gives satisfaction to know things like this are possible.
Another system, called Meraki, enables full control over your wireless, to be able to see the websites being used.
“All of that data is valuable,” says Billy. “You might see Facebook being used too much and stop that – or try to take advantage of it commercially.”
A pub with Maraki can invite people to download their app to get a free drink next time they’re passing, or push a 2 for 1 special meal offer. It can even be used as a sat-nav device.
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