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What is it with .com?

Posted on: February 1st, 2015 by Jules

The business world obsesses over these three letters. If they weighed anything at all, they’d be worth their weight in gold. For now, at least.

Like snobs paying a premium for a house with a fashionable post code, we turn our noses at the colloquial .co.uk’s, not to mention those cheap awful .biz’s. We’d all like think of ourselves as a .org but – like dreams of Oxford or Cambridge – that’s another world, the domain of the more intellectual.

Choosing the right domain can boost your brand.

Choosing the right domain can boost your brand.

But now there’s another set – the nouveau riche – most of them DFLs, don’t you know – moving into our neighbourhood and doing up their domains with bright brash names. With them on our doorstep, we’re questioning the value of our own virtual homes. Why be scoffquaff.com when I could be scoffquaff.eat or scoffquaff.food. After all, it’s extra branding. Everyone knows you’re a `com’pany – but what is it you actually do?

Like any tight-knit community, the global villagers are standing together against change.

Alan SeriousStuff Noake writes on Facebook: “There will be no effect on existing domain names and I believe they will actually become more sought after.”

Canterbury Times 28th January 2015: So, what's in a domain name?

Canterbury Times 28th January 2015: So, what’s in a domain name?

Small businesses, advises Mr. SeriousStuff, are best to “ignore the whole thing” and hang on to your perfectly fine .com – or hedge your bets and buy yourself one of those new more modern homes, but keep the old cottage as your base.

Then Mr. Serious gets seriously serious: “The domain name companies are making less money these days with less .coms etc to sell,” he alleges, “so this is a bit like ‘quantitative easing’ of domain names!”

Seriously, Mr. Serious?

To keep with the SeriousStuff financial markets analogy, I think this whole period redefines the .com bubble. We’re in the world wide web. Anything goes! Strip naked of your `com’ tag and run around waving. No one will even notice.

As soon as one big brand does it – and you know someone always does – we’ll all be doing it. So get in there first before those common oiks move in next door.

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