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UKIK game causes a political stir

Posted on: January 14th, 2015 by Jules

Canterbury has had its fair share of national media attention of late. First the reality TV stars of Geordie Shore revelling in the town had the paps out in force. Next a bunch of 18-year-old student entrepreneurs came up with an app that caused a political stir.

The phone game, called Ukik, features a character called Nicholas Fromage kicking immigrants as far as possible off the white cliffs of Dover to gain the highest “racism” rating.

Canterbury Times 14th January 2015:  ‘Ukik’ app inventors serious behind the fun facade

Canterbury Times 14th January 2015: ‘Ukik’ app inventors serious behind the fun facade

UKIP leader called the Fon Games app “risible and pathetic.” But the Canterbury Academy and Ambition House, which bring young entrepreneurs together, defended the youngsters.

The principal of Canterbury Academy Phil Karnavas told the Telegraph his technology class project was “just a bit of fun”. The student developers say the game aims to “make a mockery of extremist views.” It features Nicholas Fromage, Ukik leader, saying: “If you are feeling irrational and want to live in a right wing hell hole then vote UKIK this May.”

The game drew attention beyond the UK in the Huffington Post and International Business Times.

While Ukik may have been a bit of fun, there is some serious innovation going on at the academy, with other teams launching several new apps in the next couple of months, and planning a new game to follow this one up.

As Ambition House says, not bad for a group of 18 year olds!

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