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Like turkeys voting against Christmas

Posted on: December 17th, 2014 by Jules

Like turkeys voting against Christmas, the Marine Parade Residents Association decided it was fine to let a fine piece of our Tankerton heritage be demolished.

No doubt the nod for plans to remove the quirky Peggotty House with its spacious gardens will send home prices rocketing as another slice of green turns to concrete.

Canterbury Times 17th December 2014: Demolition of Peggotty House angers residents

Canterbury Times 17th December 2014: Demolition of Peggotty House angers residents

I don’t expect much dissent from the council – after all this development is good for the tax revenue.

All of the people who might stop, admire, pass the time of the day over Peggotty – well we’re the disenfranchised, unrepresented.

And so it is with Manston Airport. All of the people and businesses that used the airport – and would have liked to do so a lot more with a constructive operator – are struggling to be heard.

According to reports sent to me, Thanet council released a paper that infers it already decided against the bid to revive the airport. Its report calls the Compulsory Purchase Order a “high risk option” and questions whether the American company behind the bid, RiverOak, has enough money to ensure Manston as a “viable” airport.

Stephen DeNardo, the chief executive of RiverOak, was rightly furious, complaining that the council report doesn’t provide a fair analysis of the information presented.

It seems in local democracy, the turkeys rule the roost.

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