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Be brave in your business ventures

Posted on: November 5th, 2014 by Jules

I was tickled last week by the story of Joseph, the ghost of old Whitstable Station.

Canterbury Times 5th November 2014:  Be brave in your business ventures

Canterbury Times 5th November 2014: Be brave in your business ventures

It turns out the old station master and his son frequent the Moroccan restaurant that now stands in its place under the railway bridge.

What amused me most was the way Alimo’s owners, Ali Ouachou and Mo Elassri, conscripted the old fellow to help spice up Halloween with a suitably ghoulish theme.

Alimo started up nearly two years ago, taking over The Whistlestop restaurant. They began by making the most of the existing loyal customer base – fusing their own Mediterranean cuisine with Sunday roast.

Gradually they managed to win over the regulars to take a tagine or a paella, and finally dispensed with the traditional British fayre a year into the venture.

Now the business is branching out further with a Christmas parties, social events and even plans for a pop-up Moroccan souk.

Good business is all about taking a long look at your surroundings, listening to your customers, being brave, – and adapting to seize opportunities that are under your nose.

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