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Posted on: September 3rd, 2014 by Jules
Canterbury Times 3rd September 2014: Techno hit parade helps firms to pick up the slack

Canterbury Times 3rd September 2014: Techno hit parade helps firms to pick up the slack

In modern-day business, with success determined by tweets and web hits, geeks are the rock gods. You can glean a lot from studying their tricks of the trade.

After my column a couple of months ago on the top apps for small businesses, here’s another techno hit parade: some top tools recommended by Edouard Rosenblum from the geek jobs website Breaz.

1. Slack

Forget Skype. Use Slack. Slack is the most modern communication tool for teams with an incredible design that allows you to integrate all of the services you’re using and get instant notifications

2. mention

This powerful application helps you track what’s being said about your brand and your competitors in real time. It works for blog posts, forum mentions, news and web references, as well as social media posts.

3. Buffer

Want to publish on multiple social networks in one click and track your reach? Use Buffer. It’s an extremely simple application to manage your social media presence on almost every channel. Buffer also provides great tips for startups on their blog.

4. Followerwonk

Follwerwonk is a great resource when it comes to finding influencers in your sector. For instance, you can sort out a list of all of the most followed people for any keyword or expression.

5. Dashlane

With all of the apps you’re using, you should use a password manager to protect your security. Dashlane will connect you automatically to all of your apps and prevent you from losing any passwords.

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