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Scoff & Quaff 26th August 2014

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by Jules

This week’s show sponsors are Kentish Cobnuts @KentishCobnuts & Chaucer Food Retail Snacking @FruSnax & @NothingBut. The show was presented by Jules Serkin @JulesSerkin, and Dr John Sykes @Johnonebill. The guests are Colin Harkness @Colinonwine telling us all about Spanish white wines. This was followed by Phil Miles @GodmershamGame talking about his game business whilst sampling some of his cooked venison cooked at The Bistro next door to studio courtesy of Kate Kendall. Our final guest was Bruce McMichael @CookWrapSell telling us about his two books giving advice for new food businesses on UK & Export markets & his latest project on old Kentish recipes.

Music this week: Kate Bush – Cloudbusting, Cyndi Lauper – Time after Time, & Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone again (Naturally).

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