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Scoff & Quaff 10th June 2014

Posted on: June 10th, 2014 by Jules

This week’s sponsors are Aylesford Farmers Market @AylesfordFmMrkt & Squerryes Westerham @Squerryes & The Chocolate @XChocolateAngel. The show was presented by Jules Serkin @JulesSerkin, and Dr John Sykes @Johnonebill. The guests this week are Graham Greene from Chives Broome @GrahamGreen56 www.chivescaterers.co.uk talking about his recent Pop Up in Whitstable last weekend, & his future plans. Our second guest was Steve Wood from Aylesford FM @AylesfordFmMrkt &@LoveChillies www.aylesfordfarmersmarket.co.uk telling us about his Farmers Market at Aylesford Priory this Sunday & every 3rd Sunday of the month. Lastly our guest was Emily Curson Barker Food Consultant @FoodAtOne www.foodAtOne.co.uk talking about her delicious dairy free heathy foods. Music this week: Boogie on Reggae woman – Stevie Wonder & Lola – Kinks.

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