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Embracing that Friday feeling

Posted on: June 18th, 2014 by Jules
Canterbury Times 18th June 2014: Embracing that Friday feeling

Canterbury Times 18th June 2014: Embracing that Friday feeling

The best thing about running my own business by a mile is being able to knock off just occasionally on a slow Friday. It’s a day I keep for a business lunch & catchup with colleagues. Trying not to eat in a chain restaurant, always aiming to choose an independent. I often work late into the night to compensate.

It seems it’s an idea that’s also grabbing the imagination of bosses trying to make their workplaces appealing to the most talented people.

Fridays are notoriously the least productive afternoon of the working week, with most people’s minds wandering to their plans for the weekend. In the summer months the allure can be all too tempting, with lunch hours extending, extra walks around outside the office.

Pan Macmillan is letting staff clock out at 1pm as long as they make up the lost hours in other times during the week. Rival publishers the Hachette group and Penguin Random House, the cosmetics company L’Oreal and the online fashion firm Asos have also joined the ranks of companies embracing that Friday feeling. Kellogg’s have been doing it for years and say it helps motivation.

With the World Cup starting though – where will this trend end? I’m sure there will be bosses watching the footie nervousl

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