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Scoff & Quaff 6th May 2014

Posted on: May 6th, 2014 by admin

Bread special! This weeks sponsors are Tonbridge Farmers Market @TonbridgeFmMrkt, Chequers Kitchen @TheChequersDeal, & Bridle Intellectual Property Ltd @BridleIP. The show was presented by Jules Serkin @JulesSerkin, and Dr John Sykes @Johnonebill. The guests this week are Sami Patel from Slim Sam’s Cakery @SlimSamsCakery talking about her slimming cakes. Nimisha Raja @NimsFrutCrisps telling us all about her delicious dried fruit crisps from Nims Crisps, & Claire Eckley @PureKent talking about the wheat produced on their farm for bakers & future plans. Music: this week: Car Wash – Rose Royce, Fruit machine – Ting Ting, & Want to make it with you – Bread.

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