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Put your business contacts where they won’t annoy

Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by Jules
Whitstable Times 6th March 2014: Put your business contacts where they won’t annoy

Whitstable Times 6th March 2014: Put your business contacts where they won’t annoy

WORKING from home means taking my work home with me – I accept that. When there’s only a staircase between the bedroom and the office, a little part of my personal life gets chipped away.

I have always tried to deal with this by keeping laptops at bay and my mainframe Apple Mac switched off in the evenings.

But lately I’m finding myself having to fend off business calls, business texts, business tweets and business Facebook messages, well after I’ve flipped the sign on my brain to “closed”. Weekends, early mornings before 8.30am and on every social media platform they ping at me.

Now I’m no Luddite. I enjoy communicating by tweets, Facebook or texts whatever time of day if it’s about socially engaging
topics. But that etiquette seems to have got lost lately.

It all adds to the e-mail overload we’re already suffering from during the day. In fact I wonder whether that’s the reason businesses are contacting in the evening – because they know the days are too filled up. If we got as many letters through the door as we get by email, we’d give up with the post.

I know at least one chap who’s done the same with e-mails – he’s refusing to answer or even open most of them.

So what’s the real solution? Another phone and another phone bill? Some clever app?

Actually it’s much simpler. Edit your friends and family and pop then in one group with a nice upbeat ringtone. Then business contacts go in another that plays a very soft tone that’ll be easier to ignore when you’re putting your feet up with a whiskey.

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