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Trend Settees – Meet the Design Gurus of Canterbury

Posted on: February 5th, 2014 by Jules

Lenleys has become the go-to place for interior design.

Rather than buying a sofa or curtains, customers are taking tips from the 77-year-old store on putting together an entire room or even the whole house.

“Just recently we had a couple who had arrived back from Portugal and were moving into a beautiful apartment in Broadstairs and they wanted to know what’s in fashion,” said Rebecca Pritchard, a 27-year-old sales consultant in soft furnishings. “They ended up buying a whole set of curtains, carpets, sofas and a dining suite that went together really well.”

Keeping up with the latest design concepts is a constant job as staff scour the UK and Europe for inspiration. One popular new addition to the Lenleys range is a beautiful handmade sofa collection produced by Tetrad. The stylish suites use genuine Harris Tweed fabric, which is washed, beaten, pressed and hand-woven to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable weave. An Act of Parliament protects and limits the making of Harris Tweed to islanders in the Outer Hebrides and Lenleys has the honour of being the retailer farthest south from the islands.

“Harris Tweed collection is proving to be highly popular with our customers,” says Rebecca at the store in Roper Road, Canterbury. “The unique heritage of this brand is extremely well known and currently in vogue.”

Another quality UK brand is Duresta. “The great thing about this is you can literally make the sofa your own because there are so many possibilities in the colour, texture and design – even changing the legs. We enjoy the design process, helping to select some really creative and individual ideas with our customers.”

One major home-design trend is merging the dining area with the lounge for the best use of space, with a move away from the formal dining room. This means fusing seamlessly the kitchen/ diner into the sitting area – using window treatments, electric curtains and rugs or carpets to create a more interesting and functional area.

The Trafalgar Group Duresta sofa and the Magnificence Vi-Spring bed

The Trafalgar Group Duresta sofa and the Magnificence Vi-Spring bed

Most people think of the bedroom as a completely separate design concept but it’s still got to be kept in sympathy with the rest of the home, says Rebecca. The Vi-Spring range is the out-and-out leader here, with its Magnificence bed being the most coveted of all bedroom furniture.

Lenleys lighting department is about to receive the latest designs fresh from the NEC show, where Alan Smart, specialist buyer has purchased a number of new ranges, including adjustable mood lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

“Lighting really is the final touch when it comes to home design,” says Jonathan Watts, managing director and son of the store’s namesake Len Watts, who established the business with his friend Stanley Addsett in 1936. “Let’s face it, we’re at home more during the long, dark winter nights, so getting the light tones right will help you unwind and enjoy your furniture even more.”

Why not visit The Terrazzo restaurant 1st Floor at Lenleys in Roper Road, Canterbury to mull over designs while having a glass of Italian wine & chef Nikola’s speciality Duck Confit.

For a free consultation on your home design needs contact Lenleys on 01227 766655 or www.lenleys.co.uk

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