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Posted on: February 4th, 2014 by Jules
Co presenter of Kent Business Radio and the SCOFF & QUAFF show, Jules Serkin

Co presenter of Kent Business Radio and the SCOFF & QUAFF show, Jules Serkin

THE SCOFF & QUAFF radio show reaches out to the whole of Kent & beyond, spreading awareness of food producers, events, venues and all food and drink related topics. Last week we featured the secret chef – Hari Covert – who springs up at events around the county dishing up the most incredible dinners. My particular favourites are his legendary porridge crackers and gluten-free bread. You can get the recipe for the bread on our website below.

Poor ol’ Hari has become even more secretive of late as he’s been made homeless by flooding in Yalding, so he’s on the look out for kitchens to cook in for at least the next six months. Anyone able to play host for the day will be compensated with dinner for two in their own home. See Hari’s details on the SCOFF & QUAFF website below.

We regularly feature the farmers markets in the Maidstone area and beyond. Last week it was the turn of Steve Wood ringleader of Aylesford Farmers Market & Tonbridge farmers markets plus many more. These brilliant markets have an abundance of stalls with everything from cheeses to fresh fish.They are actually growing in size even on the cold mornings of winter, with a smoked produce stall just opened. It just shows the desire among Kent’s consumers for fresh, local ingredients and artisan produce.

One stallholder is chocolatier Sally Cook of Fine Kentish chocolates. She told SCOFF & QUAFF how she’s preparing for Valentines Day and Easter:

“I love the personal touch so at Christmas we spent two days delivering across Kent so I could hand deliver the special gifts that people had purchased for their nearest and dearest. We will be doing the same for Valentines so people know their order will be delivered personally and is something a bit special.

“I have a lovely box planned for Valentines, which is a chest that holds three of our smaller boxes, allowing you to make a bespoke selection virtually from our entire range for your valentine.

“I am already working on some unusual and massively delicious Easter offerings and taste testing some new flavour combinations for the coming year.”

Steve Wood, Jules Serkin, Hari Covert SCOFF Sally's chocolates on the show

Steve Wood, Jules Serkin, Hari Covert SCOFF Sally’s chocolates on the show.

I’m afraid to report that we polished of Sally’s Macarons & truffles on the show, & I sloped off with a sugar high to co-present the Business Bunker with Kent entrepreneur Paul Andrews, which airs live at 1pm following SCOFF & QUAFF.

The Scoff & Quaff show is available for listening any time on www.SCOFFQUAFF.co.uk or tune in live every Tuesday morning between 11.00 – 12.00pm and again on Saturday between 5.00 – 6.00pm at www.channelradio.co.uk & Tweet @julesserkin @SCOFFQUAFF news. I’d love to hear your news & recommendations of eaterys. Please send at least 6 weeks in advance for your monthly food column here.

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