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Business leaders choose their software of 2013

Posted on: January 16th, 2014 by Jules
Whitstable Times 16th January 2014: The best tech of the year and your hopes for 2014

Whitstable Times 16th January 2014: The best tech of the year and your hopes for 2014

To kick off the new year I asked business leaders which application had helped them most in 2013 and your outlook for 2014.

Here are some of the responses:

Rob Parker, Creative Director of Govicinity in Canterbury:

Last Year: “Posting on LinkedIn with new queries or statements seems to get interest.”

New year: “We see Google+ growing much more this year. If businesses aren’t on it, they should really think about getting on. It can help your search engine optimization and it’s growing at a rapid rate. At some point (a way off yet of course) we see this overtaking Facebook (yes really). With the spam and awful advertising on Facebook now, we think that users will become bored of being sold to in their streams (which originally Mark Zuckerberg said he would never do – he was heavily against advertising! Oh how things change!)”

David Wareing, web development manager for Lenleys in Canterbury:

Last year: “The service that has pushed Lenleys forward this year from an IT point of view has been X-Margin, allowing the business to interact better with our website and our ticketing system.”

New year: “My new year’s resolution is to complete the transactional website and to offer a much wider selection of products online.”

Paul Andrews, owner of Jobs in Kent and Fruitworks in Canterbury:

Last year: “Biggest help to me was Twitter: relationship building.”

New year: “My goal for 2014? To work less and answer fewer emails!”

Ken Lloyd, managing director of Karisma in Herne:

Last year: “Adobe Creative Cloud changed my business for the better. QuarXpress 10 changed my business for the worst.”

New year: “My goal is to streamline client list and focus on the really important things and type of work that I do best.”

Now I want to hear it from the Women ! So come on ladies Tweet me your answers! @julesserkin

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