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Time to Inspire the Next Generation

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by Jules
Whitstable Times 7th November 2013: Your chance to help young entrepreneurs

Whitstable Times 7th November 2013: Your chance to help young entrepreneurs

Two great initiatives are looking for mentors to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Startmybiz-Canterbury is holding a business Boot Camp aimed at students, graduates and anyone thinking of starting a business. The camp will last seven days from Nov. 18 to 24, and will be a collection of workshops, seminars and 1:1’s delivered by experienced business people.

“There is nothing better than learning from experience so we are calling all business professionals who can offer a few hours to speak to potential entrepreneurs,” said StartMyBiz co-ordinator Natalia Sukhram.

The aim of the project is to increase the number of startup businesses in the Canterbury and surrounding area by offering business advice, funding options and workshops to anyone thinking of starting a business.

Monday to Thursday will be aimed at anyone looking to make the leap or those already there, with a collection of fact finding sessions including; whether self-employment is for you, finances, business planning and pitching. Friday to Sunday will then turn into a Boot Camp, where the business cadets will have the opportunity to work intensively with financial experts and further your business plan. Sunday will end with practising pitches.

The camp is completely free of charge. For more information tweet @StartMy_Biz or visit www.facebook.com/startmybizcanterbury. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, email natalia.sukhram@startmybiz-canterbury.com

The Kent Foundation for young entrepreneurs meanwhile is grouping up with the Kent Association of Young Entrepreneurs and the Institute of Directors to organize an event that will bring young entrepreneurs together with business leaders.

The networking event is on Tuesday, Nov. 12, from 5.45 pm at the Pilkington Building, Medway University Campus.

Lined up for the event is as a guest speaker is Kevin Byrne, founder of Checkatrade. Get in touch at kent.foundation@kent.gov.uk or 01622 694341

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