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Scoff & Quaff 19th November

Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by Jules

Sponsored by Aylesford Farmers Market - @AylesfordFmMrkt. Presented by Jules Serkin @JulesSerkin & Dr. John Sykes @Johnonebill. Daniel Bouquet – Luigi Bean Coffee @LuigiBeanCoffee & @UnionRoasted talking about his Whitstable business. Robin Betts Winterdale Cheese @Winterdale11111 telling about his multi award winning cheeses made from by his ECO friendly business, &  Andy “At the bar” Setterfield  @HoodenersHorse  giving his monthly update on the bar and pub scene. Music: Englishman in New York, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Lost weekend.

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