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Life-Changing Book Raises Funds for Tomorrow’s People

Posted on: November 27th, 2013 by Jules

Author Josie Maguire launched her book ‘Tales From Turkey’ at a special fund-raising event in Maidstone.

Sales of Josie's book will help the the long-term unemployed back to work (photo © Pete Bresser)

Sales of Josie’s book will help the the long-term unemployed back to work (photo © Pete Bresser)

Josie, who chronicles transforming her hectic life in London after becoming seriously ill, is supporting the charity Tomorrow’s People, which helps the long-term unemployed back to work (age group between 16-24 and their families).

At the launch on Nov. 21, Josie auctioned five signed copies of her book and five framed limited-edition illustrations.

“Dreams do come true – I have achieved my goal and I am proud to tell my tale,” said Josie. “I’m proof that you can turn your life around and manage a life that works for you.”

Josie, who now divides her time between Maidstone and Turkey, was diagnosed with ME (Myalgia Encephmyolitis), in 1997, just six months after she was married.

“For over 20 years I was not a well lady,’’ says Josie. “I was in isolation and bewildered by my state of health. This was not helped by consultants and specialists having no idea what to do with me, apart from issuing prescriptions for depression and sleeping tablets. I realized that to recover I needed to accept my condition.’’

By 2000, with no improvement, a health practitioner suggested Josie look at moving to a better climate – south western Turkey, the mountains of Portugal or India – which have helped other ME sufferers.

Over the next three years, Josie began spending more time in Turkey, and by 2003 she was living in this healing environment for up to five months of the year.

Life at the Turkish beach house she lived in for the first year was not always harmonious. We meet the locals – the neighbour whose construction work on his house went on through the night and who threatened Josie’s husband when they meekly complained.

For the most part though this is a heart-warming and often hilarious tale of adapting to eastern, village ways, and offers profound lessons in how to turn your life around for the better.

Her book is available on www.talesfromturkey.com and Kindle download via Amazon

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