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As your business grows

Posted on: November 28th, 2013 by Jules
Whitstable Times 28th November 2013: The test of time

Whitstable Times 28th November 2013: The test of time

As your business grows, and as you get busier, it often becomes harder to cope. The ability to manage your time can get tested, with one indicator of this being an ever growing email inbox.

In fact I’m also discovering that people are so snowed under with emails, they no longer read them! Or they just skim them, often missing essential information.

The more I speak with businesses around the county, the more I see this problem of struggling to cope, and managing this precious resource called time.

So, what to do? Here are a few ideas I came up with in discussion with Gerard Jakimavicius of Life Coach Associates, based in Whitstable, who provides Business Coaching to local businesses.

A virtual PA can often help out by accessing your emails remotely, prioritising and helping you to managing them. Virtual PAs cost about £20 to £30 an hour. They can set up systems to streamline your working and take the workload off your hands.

Part-timers or apprentices can help, and there are financial incentives to taking on new staff. Using Freelancers often means you can take an “as and when” approach and stick within a limited budget. There are also phone answering services for as little as 70 pence a minute.

Take a bit of time to review your work systems and plan your time. Are you allocating the right amount of time to the right parts of your business? Trying to integrate different systems just does not seem to work, you are often better off having one flexible system. Ensuring you have a sensible work-life balance is vital too.

Finally there is the psychological aspect – how well organised are you in your own head? How clear is your thinking and how well defined are your goals?

How do you manage work balance?

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