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Made in Kent 10% campaign

Posted on: August 7th, 2013 by Jules

Made in Kent 10% Campaign

Scoff & Quaff are great supporters of Produced in Kent, and they regularly feature on the show. We also enjoy the Taste of Kent Awards dinner.

The idea behind 10% Kent is simple…keeping the benefits of the money you spend in the county we live in!

We want to:

  • Encourage you to buy locally produced food & drink as part of your regular weekly/monthly shopping pattern.
  • Encourage buyers and managers in procurement to buy local as part of their food /drink buying decisions.
  • Encourage not preach – be part of making a difference in Kent.


  • Use online directory on this website
  • Ask for a copy of Kent’s Finest
  • Check out local farmers’ markets
  • Use online ordering / veg box schemes
  • Look for Kent labels on food in bigger retailers
  • Use you local butcher / greengrocer / baker etc
  • Check the menus when you are eating out and ask for local
  • Look for the ‘Produced in Kent’ logo

Some useful facts:

  • Every £1 spent locally generates £1.76 for the local economy compared to just 36p when spent in a major retailer.*
  • The average family spends £54.80 on food and non-alcoholic drinks.**
  • If an average family spent £55 a week on food & drink and they switched just 10% of this to local suppliers, that would lead to an estimated extra £1.75M a year being spent in Kent.***

*New Economics Foundation
 **Office for National Statistics 2012 Household Expenditure
 ***Based on Kents 2011 census figures 1,466,500 population, average household of 2.37 persons equates to 618,776 households.

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