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Cooking Up a Fuss

Posted on: September 9th, 2012 by Jules

Fantastic to see Hilde-Marie Smith of Catering4Kent in the Ashford KM not once, but twice!

She has made an appearance in the Ashford local paper promoting her Olympic inspired menu, with thanks to

Alex Hare’s amazing award winning photography. The article features her ‘Javelin Speared Asparagus Soup’, ‘Runner Bean parcels with Olympic swimming seared Tuna and Jersey potatoes’ and ‘L’ile Flottante served with golden canoe biscuits’ recipes, as well as plugging her exciting culinary classes and catering service.

Ingredients For A Perfect Street Party

Hilde-Marie has also been spotted in the Ashford KM judging cakes in the Great Chart and Singleton charity bake-off to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, alongside Nicola Parbott and Cllr Jessamy Blanford. What a busy bee, and what a fab event to be part of with all the money raised going towards the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

Singleton And Chart Celebrated The Jubilee With A Cake Bake-Off

Well-done Hilde-Marie, it’s great to see successful women in business and in the news!

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